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Being an addict doesn’t make you less worth as a human being. We all make mistakes, and no one is perfect. Don’t be ashamed of your condition and afraid to ask help. Millions of people around the world are struggling with some type of addiction. Instead of running away and neglecting your problems, you should embrace your condition and fight against it. Don’t think that you are weak and that you don’t deserve the attention. Talk with your loved ones and ask them for help. The love and support are the best cure, but also admitting that you’re an addict.

About us

We are proud to present you one of the most successful projects we have created and which has helped thousands of people so far. Our workshop works with recovering addicts, who are now successful people in the jewelry industry.
Our instructors consider the art as an ultimate form that works better than any cure. People who come to use are, even though sober, still emotionally unstable and under a lot of pressure. We help them recover faster because are therapist provide them various techniques and methods.
With us, you will learn excellent skills and make customized jewelry. You will be focused, relaxed because jewelry requires a lot of details and time. So far, we have worked with many people, and even now we keep weekly courses for all people who are struggling with the addiction. Our doors are always open for everyone.