The sobriety anniversaries – why should you celebrate them?

Graduation parties, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, job promotions and retirements make an essential part of our life. People tend to celebrate all significant events, that in some way marked their lives. But, for people who are struggling to regain control over their lives and stay sober, the sobriety anniversary is an important milestone, that should be practiced every year. This can be a powerful reminder of their strength and provide them additional motivation to keep going. If you never experienced this type of an event, it’s time to change that and here is why.

Make that day your holiday

It doesn’t matter how long you are sober, just remember the date when you stopped drinking and make sure to have monthly or yearly celebrations. This date is crucial because you managed to beat the vice that has been destroying your life. The support of people you love is essential, so gather your friends and family and make them celebrate this holiday with you. Sobriety anniversaries are critical points in time and space that deserve to be cherished because you have overcome your biggest obstacle and you managed to stay healthy.

They are a strong motivation

As the time passes, and you stay sober, you will have more will to keep going and not to break your promise. People who are struggling with addiction are very vulnerable, they are fragile and often relapse. The most significant temptation is to stay strong and the longer you are strong, the happier you will be. In this way, sobriety anniversary can help you a lot and keep you motivated. Each time you celebrate an anniversary, it will be your victory against the addiction you are fighting. Numbers are real motivators and the more figures you collect, the better you will feel and satisfied with yourself.

They are suitable for your mental condition

Struggling addition is a very challenging process, but even a small victory will have a significant impact on you. That’s why celebrating each anniversary will contribute your mental condition and help you’ve overcome even bigger obstacles.